Are You Safe Or Sailing

A reblog from my wife about living for the glory of God and a dear pastor who did just that. Great read!

Life Is A Beautiful Mess

Did you know that we are a lot like ships?

There are countless types of ships and each one serves a purpose.

Each ship is uniquely different and individually crafted

for its particular use.

The Bible says in Ephesians 2

that we are HIS workmanship created in Christ for good works

which God prepared for us before we were even born.

That tells us that we have been individually created/crafted by the very hand of God

for a particular purpose.

How wonderful it is to know that just as a shipbuilder begins building a ship

with a particular purpose in mind,

our Heavenly Father has hand crafted each of our lives

with a distinct purpose and calling in mind.

Once the ship is complete, it is ready to set sail!


What does this mean for us?

How can we know our purpose??

We look to HIS infallible Word!

In the book of Isaiah, chapter 43…

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